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YO... thanks everyone for their support  and all the views on "King of the world". Following the  success of this  track,  Des & Ultralust will be working on new material and doing shows this summer as  Des Del Rey and & Ultralust . Which reminds me.. This a small excerpt from the "Scene and Heard" review.

Scene and Heard – CCXXXXIII : King of The World –  Des Del Rey (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Posted on January 29, 2018 by Dave Franklin

Ultralust is in many ways the sound and face of rock music in the modern age. Sonically a blend of old school rock and contemporary vibes, infectious melody and street smart music, grit and groove and just the permitted amount of pop polish. King of The World shows that even away from his regular music vehicle, front man Des Del Rey’s mission isn’t too far removed from his musical day job.
And why not? If it ain’t broke…I grew up on rock music but I was always a closet pop consumer too, and Des Del Rey & Ultralust seems more appealing to my tastes than many of the testosterone laden shouters and heavier-that-thou sonic tsunami makers we have been fed in the past. Why be tough when you can be cool? Why be noisy when you can be full of groove? Why be outsiders when you can be accessible? Put another way, why not be Des Del Rey & Ultralust?
Also...  since Our boy Danny Rojo has been all over I was reminded of the time we met and this crazy dude came up to me and says...
Hey man!! I saw you play man! if you ever need a bass player... And the rest is history.
Coming soon the new DesDelRey & Ultralust.
NYC’s Ultralust centers on the irrepressible front man Des Del Rey. A New York City native, his explosive stage energy is surpassed only by his prolific songwriting. Together, with Bassist Danny Rojo, Guitarist Chris “Mr Fye" Theodore,  Killer Drummer Dario Ciccione .  Get ready for Ultralust !

Des Del Rey:  Guitars/Vox
Des has been deeply involved in the New York music scene for the last ten years doing live and studio work. His unique, brazen style of guitar playing, singing, and production have made him an in demand musician for notable producers/artists. His music has been heard in commercials, documentaries, and major motion pictures. He’s performed on Broadway and off Broadway plays and continues to write music for a number of film & advertising Co.’s. The future will continue to shine for Des as Ultralust will only cement his foothold in the NYC Scene.
Danny Rojo : Bass
Danny one of NYC's premier bass players now residing with Ultralust is just insane ! Watching him play can only be  described   as Flea with a shot of adrenaline ! Danny brings it with his non stop energy! he can't be stopped ! Danny has toured world wide and now brings that depth to Ultralust. The ultimate pro  with attitude !
Chris “CT” Theodore aka MrFye: Guitar
Originally from Adelaide, Australia, “CT” was raised in an artistic, musical environment. He moved to Sydney where he was rapidly recognized as a talented and sought after guitarist. After several worldwide tours he landed in NYC with guitars in tow. A young “Keith” with amazing chops.
XXX: Drums
XXX has a long resume . He's played for major bands in Europe and toured world wide and has been featured in modern drummer. The man is a bad ass !!
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